How we work
The way we work makes us stand out from the crowd.
At Stark Weddings we pride ourselves on being flexible to suit your individual needs.

Irrespective of whether you choose one of our published packages or choose to have a tailored service, we always work seamlessly with your wedding agenda and are as front line or as discreat as you desire.

We see a wedding as a family and friends occasion. We simply want to encapsulate the personality and character of the day in the imagery we create. And with our photo jounalism and global film making experience, we know exactly where to be and how to be to let your wedding simply tell its own story.

To find out just how we best can help capture your day, Andrew Stark will have a consultation with you at a location of your choice. Here, you can talk through your tastes, your thoughts on photography and videography, your timings if known and importantly look through our albums and digital sets.

On booking, a full contract will be issued outlining the agreed service, each of our responsibilities and a payment plan that works for you.

Stark Weddings like to keep the communication channels open throughout the lead up to your wedding day and offer a Pinterest board dedicated to your wedding photography where both parties can share inspirational images from around the web.

Closer to your wedding day, Andrew Stark will have a second consultation where the full details of your wedding day will be confirmed along with an agreed plan for any set up arrangments within the service. Often it works well to meet at the wedding venue for this consultation so we can have a walk around and discuss any specific imagery towards your service.

Stark Weddings will always meet and discuss our service with your wedding venue and any other key suppliers. We even gather imagery of your venue before the day so you are always guarenteed beautiful exterior shots irrespective of how the weather turns out on your wedding day.

After your wedding day, we always provide some imagery within 48 hours of your wedding via Facebook so you have some images to share straight away with family and friends.

We aim to turn around your photography within one month and your videography within six weeks. This may differ depending on the time of year and each individual package.

Should you choose one of our beautiful albums within your wedding package, you can completely leave all aspects of this to us to produce and deliver or choose your photographs first.

Stark Weddings photography and videography always guarentees our values everytime....