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How We Work

Everything we do is underpinned by our commitment to offering a service that is friendly, professional and flexible to suit your individual wedding needs.

If you have chosen our photography service you will be invited to a dedicated Stark Weddings Pinterest board so you can add inspirational imagery in the run up to your wedding.  This will give us an insight into your photographic tastes.

We won't require anything else from you until much nearer your wedding day.  Once we get to around a month beforehand, we like to arrnage for a consultation meeting with you, preferably at your venue. Here we can go over the final schedule of your wedding, key contacts for the day, handover of formal photo lists and advise on howwe can best make the most of your wedding day for you.   We always introduce ourselves to your venue contact and any othe key suppliers we will be workign with on the day.

Around a week before your wedding we always send you a written plan for the day from our side.  This will include key contacts for the day from Stark Weddings along with what we'll be doping and when in relation to your schedule.  Thsi allows for you to add or remove any last minute aspects you think of.

On your wedding day we will always make it a priority to see you as oon as we arrive even if the plan is to capture other things.  We want you to be relaxed and knowing we have arrived and getting on with things will hopefully help a little towards this.  Most of the time we will be doing our thing in th background while you simply get on with enjoying your special day.  We want to be there capturing the natural moments of the day, documentary style throughout.  Equally, should you require us to take the reigns over any aspect of your day, we are just as comfortable with this i.e. moving guests around, gathering guests for formal photo's etc.  We will work closely with your venue team to seamlessly move between sections of your day behind the scenes.  When it comes to capturing portraits of the bride and groom, we will have already spoken with you well in advance of your day about what you are comfortable with and how we can best achieve the images you want.  On the day, we will be sensitive and efficient to your needs, even if they change.  We are flexible throughout to adapt to whatever changing circumstances may arise.  We are there to tell your unique wedding story and part of that is ensuring your unique tastes are always served.  equally, you can leave everyhting solely to us and we will use our creative juices.  And at the end fo the day when we've turned the cameras off, we would like to raise a drink with the two of you in congrtaulations before we head home!

Depending on the package you have with us, we may be sending some images or video clips very shortly after your wedding.  Either way, we will keep in touch with you to let you know progress on the editing side.

When your photo collection and/or video edit is ready to send out, we will be in touch.  If you are having an album with us, we will talk you through this process and outline the various options open to you.  Often a face to face meeting is best for this.  The process for album making wiht us is simple and our prices are extremely competitive.

Contact the Stark Weddings team here to see how we can help with your wedding.