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We beautifully tell the story of your white wedding from beginning to end in photo and video - choose either or choose both and save even more. 
Our white wedding services generally cover civil, church and any non religious weddings.  
Be assured.  By choosing Stark Weddings for your white wedding you are choosing creativity, experience and affordability.  You are choosing award winning cinematography that is modern, dynamic yet elegant and luxurious.  

Stark Weddings is proud to be:

East Midlands Wedding Photographer of the Year 2018 - English Wedding Awards
National Videographer of the Year 2017 - English Wedding Awards
Choose White Wedding Videography, choose White Wedding photography, or choose both and save yourself even more.

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Everything you need to know about our White Wedding Photography service

We are passionate about creating wedding photography which is timeless.  

With us there are no gimmicks, no style for the times, just quality.  You can look back at our work in a generation's time and the images will be as relevant then as they are now.

There are four features that are the hallmark of Stark Weddings photography;- timeless imagery constructed and developed witht the classical training background to ensure a level of work that remains relevant forever; a sharpness and clarity in everything we produce by skillfully using flash photography when flash should be used and only working with the latest premium lenses and cameras; natural storytelling through the lens where we allow weddings to breath and the people featured to feel relaxed enough to be themselves; and finally our passion for creative lighting to draw out the atmosphere and elegance of such a special day and to create jaw dropping moments. Your wedding photo's should be mor than merely 'snaps', you should have a sprinkling of extra special photo's that have the 'wow-factor'.

We believe when you invest in a professional wedding photographer, you should expect something special.  

​​"You can teach someone to compose a good photograph but you can't teach someone to get the best out of people".  Andrew Stark, Owner Stark Weddings
wedding dress
groom and father of bride shaking hands
bride and groom with horse and dog
bride and groom romantic kiss photo
White Wedding Photography Gallery
Our feature White wedding photography gallery demonstrates our experience covering a diverse range of weddings.
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